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Together, we will embark on a journey of rebellious freedom, harnessing the powerful feminine energy within you 

This a revolutionary technique for the beginner that lets you instantly start earning 5 figures monthly

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The manifestation technique you will master in this course is where it all started for me. I used this very technique to take charge of my own life and become the multimillionaire I am today. 

I started sharing this technique with a small group of women and saw the powerful transformational impact it was having on their lives. It was a fulfilling experience that I wanted all women to experience…

After two years, I built my first online course for 10k and 3 months later, my millionaire mastermind for 100k. They were sold out within 4 weeks! These courses have elevated women to new heights of success in their chosen careers – I worked with actresses who achieved major roles and entrepreneurs who started highly profitable businesses.



The millionaire mastery program is founded on the belief of unlimited potential, that can be unlocked by connecting with the divine, the source of all our power and energy. Most women don’t discover their true selves and their unlimited potential, because they are stuck within the social paradigms that have been ingrained in us since birth. 

The millionaire mastery program is a revolutionary approach that will lead you to a new paradigm, one that shows you how to harness the divine feminine energy within yourself, to live a successful life on your own terms. Kat’s mastery technique is a transformative approach to wealth generation, one that is based on 90% energy and 10% business strategy.

And best of all, it works! Millions of women have accelerated their personal wealth and surpassed their business goals, beyond their wildest imagination. 

Kat Korch Millionaire and Billionaire


1 Million or more within 6 months with your Highest Premium Course. 

Booked out in your premium Mastermind Course, your 50 – 100k Masterclass 

Booked out in your lower program, Entry Program for 5- 10k 

Creation of 2 Power Programs from your Core, that will attract the right client to you. 

You will become the revolution and will be known for your amazing work! 

Make a Big impact and start in the highest way possible. From the  inside!!! It will be Easy and joyful and you’ll be full of confidence.

Webpage, banner, that expresses you in the Highest True Success Self

The Goddess Creation, the gateway to the female revolution, has the fundamental tools that you need to learn the manifestation technique. You will also have the chance to accelerate your stream of revenue by becoming an affiliate of the course with a 10% commission. Growing this community of powerful women is the most fulfilling part of my career, and I want you to be a part of it. Not only that, if you practice what you learn everyday, you will soon qualify for the millionaire mastery course. 

Join a community of women that do this daily practice to transform yourself into a goddess and bring your truth to the world


What you receive

4 x Videos

Discover the Feminine Manifestation Technique with 4 step by step videos

Attract from the Inside

Use this technique to attract everything from the inside, manifesting your dreams


Additional worksheets will help you develop your understanding and improve your results

Read the energy field of manifestation

Develop this powerful and important skill to help other woman just like your discover their dreams


My name is Katharina Korch. I am a revolutionary leadership coach for high achieving courageous power women that want to strive for more. Like many women, I didn’t make any money when I first started out in business. I wasn’t in control of my life because I didn’t know how to attract the right clients or how to communicate with them. I was simply going with the flow and trying to get by. 

I soon realised that not having any control of my destiny was taking an emotional toll on my life. I was overthinking everything and living in constant worry and fear. Deep down I was confident in my talent and capabilities but I was held back by my negative emotions and fears. I was losing myself and my frequency, which ruined my attempts at manifestation. 

When I couldn’t find any resources to help break free of the toxic cycle I was in, I decided to build my own technique. I started an experiment with a group of women like me, who were talented and capable, yet imprisoned by their fears. I used my manifestation technique and created a high frequency joy space. Within weeks I witnessed a transformation within myself and these women: we were making money; we were healed of our depression; we began to hope.

Our transformation didn’t stop there! Within 2 years, those amazing women were continuing to generate more and more money with each passing day. They were believing in themselves as they realised they could manifest into creation the life they dreamed of and deserved. With my online courses, I hope to help all women realise the same success. 

Are you ready?

Daniela Sinsel

Thanks so much that I got invited to the “Inner Circle of New Women Leaders Worldwide”. I can feel so much strong energy here, 20 solid power women. Thanks for making me feel that this is my space. Thanks for making me feel this way, so easy, delicate and incredibly powerful. Thanks for letting me introduce myself tomorrow! Thank you, Kat for the unbelievable structure you are gifting to us! It’s so easy! I’m thankful that I will start filming videos tomorrow, and for the view from my bedroom, the pretty glacier, the moon, millions of stars, it’s absolutely incredible.

Ruler of my life

When I cam to your Millionare Mastermind first, I had no klients and no money. I asked you for a rating plan. Then I though I can't do that!!! You encouraged me to go for it! I made my first million within 8 months. So amazing!!!!!! I found my wild electric soul. I am not the good girl anymore. I am not following anyone. Just me. You brought me there.
Before I was pleasing everyone. Now I am the ruler. I rule my life. So proud of me. It makeshift much run!!!!
Thank you my dear! I love you so much! and your wildest soul!

Melanie Dyck

Kat is an exceptionally gifted coach and feminine Leader. She’s been guiding me with her fullest heart and she leads vigorously, with infinite knowledge, downright centered and focused. Her knowledge is big, sensual and extraordinary. With her unique intuition, she has helped me jump into my goals instantly!

Not following the rules anymore!

When I came to Kat I had a year of healing experienced. I had an illness that could not be healed. I healed it through manifestation.
When I saw Kat She touched my heart through her feminine expressive energy. I instantly needed to come. Our journey was beyond words for me. I knew I came for healing the feminine and to work with extra ordinary skilled women. Kat helped me to build my mastery courses up, she showed my how to manifest even stronger with my feminine energy. I didn't follow the rules anymore. Everyone said don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. And I was so insecure. But with Kat's technique I did the investment. And received 5 millions within 4 months. I built up my biggest program. I was booked out in both programs. I bought my dream car. Went to my dream places. And I feel so much ecstasy and passion, fun every day.
Thank you from my heart! My life changed. I feel deeply healed not following the rules anymore!!!


Most women struggle because they disregard the spiritual growth needed to become an entrepreneur. This course will transform you spiritually AND give you the tools to generate financial wealth. 

The technique I show you is so easy and clear. We will take it step by step and focus on the daily manifestation together. This will elevate your energy and connect you to your wisdom and highest self where all the results come from. It happens for every woman, but it does take courage to do and bring your new life into existence. 

This technique will make your first launch feel exciting and natural at the same time, providing you the courage you need to do it. You will feel the amazing results inside of yourself and those within the group. You will want to share this with other women and give them the same freedom!

Sadly, this is very common among women who join my courses. They were really sad and depressed but after 1 week they all felt a profound change. I have had many women tell me, 'Kat, you are my missing link! You were the energy that changed everything'.

These women discover the tools to attract the right clients, and become booked out months in advance. Any woman who takes this one step into the Goddess Creation program will soon achieve the level of success they need to join my Millionaire Mastery program where they will go on to create millions - Can you imagine this??

Yes absolutely! You will learn how money attraction happens. You will learn how to create your dream life with the highest magic. We have had actors, singers, graphic designers etc and they have all attracted the most amazing income, new jobs and so much more with this technique. They started a new life, literally!