As a revolutionary wealth and business coach, it is my one true passion to help clients manifest their personal wealth goals.

Kat Korch wealth and transformation coach


As a revolutionary wealth and business coach, it is my one true passion to help clients manifest their personal wealth goals.

Explosive passion and wealth

As a revolutionary wealth and business coach, I’m here to help women connect with their feminine energy and realise success on a multidimensional level from manifesting their personal wealth goals to living a life of explosive ecstasy. 


If you’re ready to break free of the programmed matrix of the current world, then join my feminine revolution that will lead you into a new paradigm of fast wealth generation in alignment with your highest feminine self. 

Why Our Clients Choose Us


For far too long, women have been held back from making their mark on the world and unleashing the power of their feminine energy. The time has come to usher in a female revolution. 


If you find the masculine approach to life and business too overpowering, restrictive, and futile, then you no longer have to follow it. Kat’s very own mastery technique is your one way ticket to a life of authenticity and abundance. Her elite coaching programmes will give you all you need to take control of your life, break free of the programmed world, and create a life of explosive wealth.

Kat Korch wealth and transformation coach Goddess Creation

Goddess Creation

Harness the magic of your feminine energy and manifest the paradise of your dreams. With the Goddess Creation, you will be given the keys to create an online business in 4 weeks that draws in at least $10,000

Kat Korch wealth and transformation coach Millionaire Mastery

Millionaire Mastery

The mastery technique will lead you into a new paradigm of soulful femininity where anything is possible. Experience the revolutionary feminine way of turning a $100,000-300,000 income into a million, in 3 months or less

Kat Korch wealth and transformation coach Billionaire Leadership

Billionaire Leadership

Enter into the highest expansion of your femininity and become the leader you were destined to be. Multiply your millions and find belonging within an exclusive community of the top 2% of power women.

Our Services



Your gateway to a life of abundance 

At just $6000, The Goddess Creation is the lowest entry point into the female revolution.

If you're a talented woman that’s longing to express her intense emotional nature; if you’re aspiring to fulfil the high potential that you know you are capable of; if you want to break free from a static lifestyle that’s holding you back, then this is the program for you. The mastery technique and the four steps to freedom are powerful proven tools that will turn you into a goddess that draws in an income of at least $10,000 alongside a 10% commission as one of Kat’s affiliates.

This is your chance to join the revolution, venture into an exotic reality, and experience feminine energy in all its glory


Pull away from the masses and step into a life of ecstasy 

If you’re earning $100,000 - $300-000 but you’re stagnating and know that you’re barely scratching the surface, this is the programme for you.

Kat’s revolutionary mastery technique saw her earn $1 million in just 11 days! The Millionaire mastery is how she manifested the unimaginable. Follow her path, and you will find yourself in a new paradigm where you no longer have to wear the mask of a ‘good girl’. This is your opportunity to take off your mask, pull away from the masses and generate wealth in a unique and revolutionary way.

You will be transformed into a courageous, bold, feminine leader who will soon be drawing in an income of over $3 million in just 3 months and $6 million in under 18 months.


Isolate yourself no longer 

If you’re in the top 2% of power women bringing in more than $1M annual revenue, then you can relate to the isolation that accompanies immense success.

If you’ve completed the millionaire programme or you’ve attained millionaire status, then the billionaire leadership is for you. You’ve come this far because you’re a rare woman with an electric power. The biggest threat you face is the pull of society dragging you back into the false safety of the ‘good girl’ lifestyle, a lifestyle of limits and suppressed emotions.

In this programme, you will be welcomed into the safety, trust, and confidence of an exclusive community of successful entrepreneurs like yourself, and together you will create a clear pathway to multiply your millions.

You Are Invited




Briana W

It is such a pleasure to work with Kat Korch going deep to open for highest success! And this in absolute joy and femininity!


Kat is an exceptionally gifted coach and feminine Leader. She’s been guiding me with her fullest heart and she leads vigorously, with infinite knowledge, downright centered and focused. Her knowledge is big, sensual and extraordinary. With her unique intuition, she has helped me jump into my goals instantly!

Alison G

Kat is without a doubt the master of her craft, having with her for some time she is hands down the best in her field.

Cliona O'Hara

Kat was introduced to me by Bob Proctor, she is highly developed Channel and leader and coach in universal law and Devine Feminine Freedom.
Ever since I've met her and worked closely with her I've felt my Devine feminine power quantum leap.
My confidence and sacred feminine energy has grown so much where I'm free in my business and free to be the powerful beautiful woman my soul has always yearned to be.
Kat radiates so much love and light, she has a gift of helping women be free from the old program.
Wealth and joy is easy ans fast when you work with her and when you learn how to replace the old program with her techniques.
I love you Kat and will be forever grateful for attracting you into my life and business. Thank you

Tanja Elisa Faderl

I can hardly put the genius of Kat into words. I can only express it roughly like this:
She knows the truth
She knows how to do it
She got it.
Her precision is unique
If you feel attracted to her, heed the call and go to her! I did and it was the best thing I could ever do in my life in that regard.
If she makes you angry or eject her, then you should to her all the more.
But for whatever reason you want to go to her, do it soon. You will one day be proud and happy that you could still be one of her personal students.



Money Wealth Manager and Coach

Kat Korch wealth and transformation coach

My name is Kat Korch, and I am a wealth and business transformation coach on a mission to revolutionise your approach to success on a multidimensional level, from healing your emotional wounds to showing you how to create a fast and overflowing stream of income. Where others set limits, I defy them. I am living proof that you can use your feminine energy and be unstoppable and powerful as ever. My philosophy is simply that we are unlimited in our potential, a potential that we can harness by connecting to the divinity of our higher selves. I have manifested this philosophy into my elite coaching programmes which will transform women into their highest spiritual self. 


This is why you will often hear me referred to as ‘the channel’. I have been working my magic for decades, and I have been the channel through which my clients encountered their divine feminine energy and manifested the life of their dreams. My programs have delivered consistent results, and it’s all because of my unique approach to wealth generation: my techniques are 90% energy and 10% business strategy, because once you connect to your highest energy source, you have almost all the tools you need to create an endless stream of income fast. I’m here to lead women into the forbidden paradise that they have for far too long been excluded from.

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