Feminine Billionaire


Learn to Expand Past $1M+ in a feminine way

For female leaders ready to heal their heart and share their mastery.

Feminine Billionaire


Learn To Expand Past $1M+ In A Feminine Way​

For Female Leaders Ready To Heal Their Heart And Share Their Mastery.

Be the First to Do
The Global Revolution

And bring your highest mission to the world

You are a high-achieving, successful entrepreneur and it is time for you to be instantly connected and held in the highest energy power.  

An energy centre where you’re fully embodying your divine potential & making the biggest impact in the world.


the fastest income stream imaginable

feeling intuitive and instinctive about every decision

attracting the most aligned and extraordinary clients

more explosive passion and experiencing a deeper sense of fulfillment

Today you will liberate yourself from:

Feeling like a prisoner in your own business

Sacrificing yourself and everything ‘feeling so draining and so damn hard’

Feeling really burnt out emotions and struggling under so many pressures

Everything feeling the same and for there to be no fun and no pleasure

Playing the ‘good girl’ to maintain the status quo

And remember who you really are…

Feeling like a prisoner in your own businessAn extraordinary woman ready to do the revolution higher 

and EVEN MORE EXPLOSIVE than the first time.

You want to experience what most don’t get to experience in their lifetime and nothing will stop you from EXPRESSING YOURSELF FULLY. 

And this is HOW you will do the world revolution 


As a high-achieving, successful woman you have already made a serious mark on the planet.  You have arrived here for a reason. You want the most powerful and focussed tools to bring your highest mission to the world and receive the fastest income stream and stay aligned in the highest energy. Imagine a truly extraordinary lifestyle where you’ll experience daily bliss and a passionately feminine life.

The Mastery Technique is your Soul Activation Code that instantly connects you to the highest energy center and holds you in the highest consciousness.  This energy connects you with your creativity and with the ecstatic – every single day.  You’ll receive a big stream download of instant knowing.  Where before it felt like it was not accessible, nor possible, now everything is organised and flowing and those bigger legacy goals and systems are built up into the world FAST. 

This is the highest bliss in the most easy feminine way.


You will be personally guided by Kat Korch and cared for by her supreme revolution team. Kat is the channel, she is the key that we all possess; only she is the master of it in this time and space of our planetary evolution. She wishes to guide you on bringing your bigger mission to the world. 

For it is required of you. 

She wishes for you to never be held down by the outside world again and for you to receive the highest guidance and to become the channel to receive everything you desire fast and elevated in the highest consciousness. This is the calling and your moment to be instantly connected and held in the highest energy power and receive the highest grade of success. 


Connect with leading female executives and CEO’s all going where others dare not go.

You will:

Receive access to The Inner Circle within the private group.
Meet with Kat your channel on monthly calls and be held in the Highest Consciousness.
Connect with personally selected high-level female executives and CEO’s within the inner circle. 
 You’ll tap into valuable relationships and resources that will help you master your power tools.

Are you ready to be instantly connected to the highest energy power 

To access the highest consciousness and join the feminine billionaire collective?


Julia Sobainsky

Before meeting Kat I worked hard and well, but lacked ease. My femininity didn't really find a place in my business. Although I earned a lot, I was often unhappy. After working with Kat I don't work much anymore, although I now have a publisher and also a fundraising business. I work more on special projects, but I enjoy it! I feel completely happy and have the profound experience of being able to meet my soul in business every day. Our customers have even faster results.

Tanja Elisa Faderl

I can hardly put the genius of Kat into words. I can only express it roughly like this: She knows the truth AND She knows how to do it She got it. Her precision is unique If you feel attracted to her, heed the call and go to her! I did and it was the best thing I could ever do in my life in that regard. If she makes you angry or eject her, then you should to her all the more. But for whatever reason you want to go to her, do it soon. You will one day be proud and happy that you could still be one of her personal students.

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